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Get involved with shaping PCN services

No one knows your health better than you do, which is why the PCN is committed to putting the patient and public voice at the heart of what we do.

We will listen and act upon your feedback when it comes to PCN decision making and the evaluation of health services. This is vital to help us continually improve our services.  We want to ensure that the health services provided within our PCN meet the needs of the people who live here, which is why we seek to involve patients and public wherever possible.

As Practices, we listen to our patients every day and hear about your experiences of the services in our area. We also have Patient and Public Groups (PPG) linked to each member practice and are looking to develop PCN level groups as well. The NHS Warrington CCG also runs a number of regular forums such as the PPG Together group and Health Forum.

We know that finding the time to attend such forums can be difficult for people due to other commitments such as work or childcare. Becoming part of your PPG Network will allow you to engage with PCNs on key developments and help shape services. 

As a PPG Network member, you will be able to:

  • Receive regular updates with news and information about the PCN
  • Be invited to take part in focus groups or panel meetings (this is voluntary)
  • Be asked to complete surveys from time to time
  • Be invited to any PPG Network meetings and asked your views on a range of topics that you are interested in 

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